Was very apprehensive as have been passed from pillar to post by my GP and other professional bodies. Had been recommended by a friend to see Jane. so booked an... read more
carol mycawka Avatar
carol mycawka
Friendly. efficient, punctual. Brilliant.
Mick Berrill Avatar
Mick Berrill
I've been to Northampton Ear Clinic on several occasions - absolutely fantastic service and great value for money. Can't recommend enough!
Matthew Wall Avatar
Matthew Wall
Amazing service. Having had a minor mishap involving the loss of the end of a cotton wool bud Jayne fitted me in in between appointments. Having been completely dismissed by... read more
Andy Glover Avatar
Andy Glover
It was a pleasure to meet Jane today. Lovely lady, very professional and amazing at what she does! I would highly recommend Jane to help out anybody with an ear blockage.
Avi Bhundia Avatar
Avi Bhundia
Thank you so much Jane for such a friendly but professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend and appreciated your time and understanding today.
Steph Johnson Avatar
Steph Johnson
Jane is an excellent practitioner, offering a professional and swift service. Highly recommended.
Matthew Bates Avatar
Matthew Bates
Jane is always friendly and reassuring but most importantly highly professional. Excellent!
Paul Connor Avatar
Paul Connor
Always received first class service. Referred my uncle to the ear clinic today & he agrees the service is 5 stars ⭐️
Paul Simmons Avatar
Paul Simmons
Jane is so good at what she does, and has such a lovely manner, that I almost look forward to going.
Christopher Matthewman Avatar
Christopher Matthewman
My Dad had been complaining of “deafness”. Which on examination wasn’t actually selective male hearing he did infect have a build up of wax so I booked him with Jane.... read more
Gemma Dearsley Avatar
Gemma Dearsley
I first visited Jane after struggling with ear infections, deafness and non-effective meds. From the start Jane was warm, welcoming and ready to help with my misery! It turned out... read more
Sara Lambden Avatar
Sara Lambden
All of the reviews are absolutely true. Jane is brilliant. On street parking was easy to find and the ear clinic is on the second floor of the Doctor's surgery.... read more
Steve Hutchinson Avatar
Steve Hutchinson
Fantastic experience. You really feel like you a re meeting someone who cares and has your best interests at heart. One of the best decisions of the year. Having microsuction... read more
Rod Doyle Avatar
Rod Doyle
Very, very professional, lovely lady with lots of empathy, made to feel so welcome. Thank you Jane
martin farrant Avatar
martin farrant
I was recommended to take my dad to see Jane as he was having problems with his ears. Jane was so kind and professional, she reassured him and explained exactly... read more
Dominic N Avatar
Dominic N
Really quick, efficient and freindly . So much better than syringing. Would go again when needed.
Matt Codling Avatar
Matt Codling
Fantastic service, lovely lady, highly recommended
Jon I Avatar
Jon I
Had a blocked right ear and was recommended to Northampton Ear Clinic phoned them in the morning and Jane said I’m fully booked until August but if you come down... read more
Mark Swinford Avatar
Mark Swinford
This is the second time we've been to visit Jane and she is brilliant! So lovely and reassuring, plus doing a brilliant job on both mum and I. The whole... read more
Anya Jane Avatar
Anya Jane
Very professional and great value for money. Hearing 100% restored in under 5 minutes! 10/10 Treatment and Service
Reece Beal Avatar
Reece Beal
Amazing care from Jane, 5 stars always.
Anthony Murphy Avatar
Anthony Murphy
Highly recommend! Amazing service and level of professionalism. Jane is extremely friendly and certainly an expert in the field. I was worried initially but the service was completely painless! If... read more
S Owusu Avatar
S Owusu
Jane is welcoming, knowledgeable, patient and attentive. She took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions thoroughly. Her professionalism and expertise were evident... read more
Alexia Achtypi Avatar
Alexia Achtypi
Even though Jane was fully booked, she fitted me in, the Dome on my hearing aid had disappeared down my ear canal, I was in a panic, no words can... read more
Laura Sheerer Avatar
Laura Sheerer
Took my Dad to the clinic today as he had a blocked ear .He hadn’t been before .As always Jane was very reassuring and put him at ease . He... read more
karen elizabeth Dickerson Avatar
karen elizabeth Dickerson
Amazing! Had problems with my ears for many years now and after wasting my time with home treatments and lengthy NHS waiting times was referred via Boots. Well worth the... read more
Lance Langridge Avatar
Lance Langridge
I have to say what a pleasure getting my ears cleared by Jane Over the years I have had to get my ears syringed regularly but this time used... read more
Steve Dodds Avatar
Steve Dodds
Amazing! Had problems with my ears for many years now and after wasting my time with home treatments and lengthy NHS waiting times was referred via Boots. Well worth the... read more
freshlookceramic Avatar
I found Jane after asking for recommendations on social media. Both of my ears were blocked and this was effecting me so I reached out to Jane and... read more
Ianster C Tompkinster Avatar
Ianster C Tompkinster
had lost majority of hearing in my right ear , recommended to jane by my brother in law , had a total blockage in right ear , talks you through... read more
Simon Read Avatar
Simon Read
I made contact with the clinic after a number of weeks on poor or no hearing. Despite being fully booked Jane managed to fit me in within a few hours... read more
David Malings Avatar
David Malings
Had both my ears checked and cleaned today, Jane was fantastic, kept me informed all the way through the procedure. i cannot recommend her highly enough she was great !! 👍
Ben Garnett Avatar
Ben Garnett
Jane really put me at ease, with a clear explanation of the procedure, which was not in the least bit uncomfortable, unlike ear syringing that I have previously experienced. I... read more
Rich Greenhalf Avatar
Rich Greenhalf
Thank you Jane for doing my ears today and what a difference it has made very pleased with the service
Geraldine Synnott Avatar
Geraldine Synnott
I’ve seen Jane before, but this time it was for my son, Ben. He had poked some wax deep into his ear that instantly caused him pain and discomfort.... read more
Jo Pace Avatar
Jo Pace
Jane offers an excellent and friendly service, I’ve been going for years and would highly recommend her.
Gary Bricknell Avatar
Gary Bricknell
First class, managed to get a same day appointment. she was clear and talked me through everything and very well priced. Will definitely use again and absolutely recommend.
Kim Littlemore Avatar
Kim Littlemore
Honestly the most pleasant experience I have ever had!! The service was outstanding and worth every penny. I was late due to traffic but Jane was very understanding and still... read more
Trina Simon Avatar
Trina Simon
excellent service ! highly recommend this clinic
Dom Coles Avatar
Dom Coles
Highly recommended. Jane managed to fit me in on the 19/01/23 after I was advised to give her a call from Bianca at Specsavers Northampton and I'm so glad she... read more
Lee Johnson Avatar
Lee Johnson
I had never had microsuction before so was slightly apprehensive but my right ear was totally blocked, so something had to be done! Jane instantly put me at ease... read more
Tim Kearsley Avatar
Tim Kearsley
Managed to fit me in on the same day which was amazing as tried 7 other clinics who couldn’t for weeks. Jane was informative patient and so friendly. Amazing lady.... read more
Anju Chauhan Avatar
Anju Chauhan
Absolutely brilliant service, no messing around just clears my ear every time, highly recommended. Highly qualified nurse rather than a trainee from an optician's.
Ken Pledger. Avatar
Ken Pledger.
Had both my ears checked and cleaned today, amazed i was able to hear anything given what came out of them. Jane was fantastic, kept me informed all the way... read more
Phil Donald Avatar
Phil Donald
I was suffering from a buildup of wax caused by the use of earplugs at night, which had gradually reduced the quality of my hearing. It was amazing to see... read more
Dan Cumiskey Avatar
Dan Cumiskey
Jane is an amazing, professional ear genius. Although Jane was fully booked, she squeezed my daughter in on Friday and spoke more sense than the the doctors had in the... read more
Rachel Warren Avatar
Rachel Warren
Excellent very professional and nice lady Many thanks Jane BRIN
Brinley watkins Avatar
Brinley watkins
Jane is definitely one of the kindest people, including professional work! I wish there were more such people in the world!
Mrv¡ca Avatar
Absolutely fantastic ! Very friendly knowledgeable and the service was brilliant! Also helped guide me with my hearing assessment. Would recommend this person to anyone !
Jon Ortiz Avatar
Jon Ortiz
I visited Jane at the Northampton Ear Clinic yesterday - she managed to fit us in at the last minute as my son’s ear was blocked for which I am... read more
Michelle Avatar
Jane has a real conveyor of people daily looking for help. Please be polite and appreciate her job,as she is working hard to help you out. Fantastic help been provided... read more
Guntis Zarins Avatar
Guntis Zarins
I cannot recommend Jane highly enough! Professional, friendly, providing an EXCELLENT service. Many thanks for your advice today, Lisa
Jean-marie Fabry Avatar
Jean-marie Fabry
I rang up hoping to be seen as an emergency. Jane called me back after i left a message, asked me to pop in and see her. She was polite... read more
Keith Gookey Avatar
Keith Gookey
What can I say except Many Thanks for seeing me at such short notice. 🙂 it’s really Appreciated… 🙂 10/10… I’ve read all the comments on here. 🙂 & I... read more
Nick Muscat Avatar
Nick Muscat
Jane was welcoming, friendly and professional. Worth going just to meet her. Would highly recommend.
Alexandra Stanciu Avatar
Alexandra Stanciu
Cannot recommend this amazing woman enough! Incredibly professional, fantastic with patients. Found and fixed my hearing problem after weeks of me visiting my doctors with no joy. All... read more
Keith Dawkins Avatar
Keith Dawkins
Lovely woman, checked me and told me I didn’t need it and didn’t charge.
George Warren Avatar
George Warren
Jane is amazing, very professional too. She is such a lovely lady. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is fantastic at what she does. I can now hear... read more
Marika Donnelly Avatar
Marika Donnelly
Jane gives excellent service, efficient fast, painless wax removal.
Paul Armstrong Avatar
Paul Armstrong
Has a total wax blockage in my right ear. Couldn’t hear a thing. Doctors receptionist gave me Janes number. She was fully booked but because I was desperate she fitted... read more
Debs O'Brien Avatar
Debs O'Brien
Thank you Jane for your advice today. Always amazing and a true professional.
Sharon Mcgrath Avatar
Sharon Mcgrath
Really five stars is not enough. My daughter and myself have ben getting our ears unblocked for the last few years here. Jane is such a lovely kind heartwarming person.... read more
Paisley Kam Avatar
Paisley Kam
I thought my ears were blocked and found it easy booking the appointment on the website. Free parking outside and well sign posted. On inspection of my ears( that I... read more
Matthew Hopson Avatar
Matthew Hopson
My wife and I was treated by Jane , and for the second time excellent. Jane was really professional and loverly. Explaining every procedure and brilliant.... read more
Davidpar Par 16 Avatar
Davidpar Par 16
I would like to thank Jane for putting a very nervous person at great ease,what a wonderful lady she is I came out feeling just great I can hear again,would... read more
Maureen Webber Avatar
Maureen Webber
Absolutely amazing! My ears were extremely blocked and had been causing me problems. I booked in to see Jane and she was great! She explained everything so I knew exactly... read more
Jess Lewis Avatar
Jess Lewis
Jane is really lovely and very professional. Would highly recommend.
Katie Leonard Avatar
Katie Leonard
Highly recommended. Jane is a lovely, cheerful person and explained everything she has going to do. The whole procedure went very well and was painless. So pleased I was recommended... read more
Colin Pell Avatar
Colin Pell
Absolutely fantastic ! Very friendly knowledgeable and the service was brilliant! Also helped guide me with my hearing assessment. Would recommend this person to anyone !
Jon Orritt Avatar
Jon Orritt
Highly recommended - Jane is super nice, took the time to explain the process and I was in and out really quickly.
Becky Thomson Avatar
Becky Thomson
I took my father in law yesterday to see Jane (wonderful cheery and bright lady) to look at his ears due to him saying he could hardly hear anything ,... read more
tessa Morgan Avatar
tessa Morgan
I have been looking for someone to talk to about my Eustachian tube dysfunction for years. This clinic was recommended to me and I can see why. Although my problem... read more
Hutton-Iliff's Family Avatar
Hutton-Iliff's Family
Jane has a real conveyor of people daily looking for help.Please be polite and appreciate her job,as she is working hard to help you out.Fantastic help been provided and ear... read more
Nathan Twig Avatar
Nathan Twig
Amazingly professional friendly service. My left ear says five stars, my right ear says there’s not enough stars to quantify the service, but that’s to be expected from the right... read more
M T Avatar
Jane is definitely one of the kindest people, including professional work!I wish there were more such people in the world!
Petra Mrvar Avatar
Petra Mrvar
A big thank you to Jane for sorting my ear problem out! The microsuction was totally painless and I was amazed at how quick the procedure was. Even more than... read more
Anne Shaw Avatar
Anne Shaw
I visited Jane on Thursday due to having issues with my hearing, personally I have autism and I told her about it she explained in very good detail about what... read more
rg zach uk gamer Avatar
rg zach uk gamer
Amazing service, Jane was very caring and considerate. She took wonderful care of my elderly Mum and explained everything super well, putting my Mum at ease. Highly recommended.
Martyn John Avatar
Martyn John
I visited Jane ar Northampton Ear Clinic this morning- she managed to get fit us at short notice as my ear was blocked, for which I am sincerely grateful.She explained... read more
Thomas Wright Avatar
Thomas Wright
Omg. Jane is absolutely amazing, I’m off on holiday and had been in dreadful pain for three weeks. I was very late to the party, knowing the nhs no longer... read more
Michala Thorneycroft Avatar
Michala Thorneycroft
After visiting yesterday I can definitely say that Jane lived up to all the positive reviews she's received. She was personable and professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
Claire Elmer Avatar
Claire Elmer
Jane is amazing, really lovely and professional and the feeling of somebody you have known for ages from the minute you walk through the door. Fitted me in last minute... read more
Tracey Steeden Avatar
Tracey Steeden
I had my microsuction done today and all I can say is that Jane is 100% pure professional, kind, gentle and friendly. If you have an ear problem she is... read more
Maciej Piskorski Avatar
Maciej Piskorski
Me and my father went to the clinic for the first time, we was meet by a lovely lady called Jane who looked after us, I would highly recommend to... read more
Jane you were fantastic thank you for putting me at ease. I highly recommend going to Jane. Thank you so much
Sarah Harley Avatar
Sarah Harley
It was like a breath of fresh air visiting Jane at the Northampton Ear Clinic today. 10days earlier i'd visited a local pharmacist to have "mini suction " treatment to... read more
Tim Newton Avatar
Tim Newton
Lovely staff everything explained of what was going to happen and great advice.
Rae McAllister Avatar
Rae McAllister
I had suspected that I had a blocked ear and was recommended to go to this clinic. Booking the appointment was easy on the website. Very friendly welcome, tidy and... read more
Nic Avatar
Having come back off holiday with blocked ears, my husband and I went to see Jane what an amazing lady she is….. so kind and gentle she removed a large... read more
The Cock Roade Avatar
The Cock Roade
I visited Jane at the Northampton Ear Clinic yesterday - she managed to fit us in at the last minute as my son’s ear was blocked for which I am... read more
Michelle Wilson Avatar
Michelle Wilson
Jane was very friendly and professional she did both my ears which were blocked l would use Jane again without hesitation
Marie White Avatar
Marie White
Jane is amazing, really lovely and professional and the feeling of walking out of her clinic with clear ears is priceless! Dont look any further for ear care in Northampton
Lucy Franklin Avatar
Lucy Franklin
Excellent very professional and nice ladyMany thanks JaneBRIN
Brinley watkins Avatar
Brinley watkins
We went to Jane for a general ear check up. Jane was so professional and friendly, she checked our ears and found no ear wax so didn’t charge us. We... read more
Jazmine Brown Avatar
Jazmine Brown
Instant advice over the phone, honest and professional - Thank you Jane! First class.
Matt Potter Avatar
Matt Potter
I visited Jane in clinic this morning....amazing & painless experience! Both my ears were extremely blocked & could hardly hear. Within a very short time I could hear again!... read more
Mary Cartwright Avatar
Mary Cartwright
Jane is so professional and friendly. She sorted my ear wax problem out quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend her.
Deborah O'sullivan Avatar
Deborah O'sullivan
Very efficient process from start to finish.My blocked ear was sorted in time to hear my family wish me a Merry Xmas!Thank you and it was lovely to meet you.
Sheila Kirwan Avatar
Sheila Kirwan
It went absolutely fantastic with no discomfort whatsoever. Jane was very professional and polite and I can't thank her enough for the treatment she gave me. Merry Christmas xxxx
Sandra Nchang Avatar
Sandra Nchang
Well, where do I begin? After 13 years of pain and infection after infection, this wonderful lady, Jane, has solved my problem and confirmed that I am not crazy or... read more
Jayne Webb Avatar
Jayne Webb
Jane is amazing! Last minute appointment 21/12. Slim ear canals no problem, where others said it was, she made my Christmas! Seamless procedure, no pain or uncomfortableness, I wouldn’t go... read more
Cathy Evans Avatar
Cathy Evans
Jane is such a warm and friendly lady. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is amazing at what she does. I can now hear again 👂Thank you so... read more
Natalie Jones Avatar
Natalie Jones
Jane is such a warm and friendly lady. She makes you feel so comfortable and she is amazing at what she does. I can now hear again 👂Thank you so... read more
Natalie Smith Avatar
Natalie Smith
After driving everyone mad with my deafness just been for a clear out with Jane. Omg no wonder I was deaf . Thanks Jane xx
Julie Chamberlain Avatar
Julie Chamberlain
Jane is the best of the best! I remember my first appointment with her I had very blocked ears, could hardly hear and was a nervous wreck, seeing her smiling... read more
Cynthia Lebbos Avatar
Cynthia Lebbos
Jane has been my hearing life-line. She has always been available to clear my blocked ears, especially my left ear. I say this because I have been unable to obtain... read more
David Butlin Avatar
David Butlin
I cannot praise Jane highly enough. In less than 30mins she successfully removed an alarmingly large hard mass from my narrow ear canal thereby putting an end to two years... read more
Christine Foulkes Avatar
Christine Foulkes
If I could I will give you six stars.You are so provesional and one of the nicest person I met, Julia and I just wanted to say Big Thank You!!
Tomasz Jazwinski Avatar
Tomasz Jazwinski
Jayne was very professional warm and welcoming, very non invasive procedure and completely successful. I would not hesitate to recommend.
A Sharpe Avatar
A Sharpe
What can I say apart from excellent, Jane was brilliant, cheery greeting, full explanation of what was going to happen, a lovely look inside my ears, ... read more
Matt Blundell Avatar
Matt Blundell
I went today to have my ears looked at as I thought my ears had lots of wax in but after Jane looked at them and showed me on the... read more
Kate Allen Avatar
Kate Allen
What a brilliant service from the Northampton Ear Clinic. Jane was excellent in carrying out all the necessary “clearance” work. She identified a problem that I was not aware of... read more
Philip Renshaw Avatar
Philip Renshaw
Thankyou Jane Absolutely 💯 brilliant I smiled all the way home,,explained everything that was happening and was very calm and professional,,and a brilliant lady
John Amos Avatar
John Amos
I’ll be honest I wasn’t looking forward my appointment and I’m so pleased my GP gave me Jane’s phone number. She made the whole process a barrel of laughs. What... read more
Dominic Powell Avatar
Dominic Powell
Jane is extremely professional - 1st class - I was having trouble with my hearing, and recommended I contact Jane to seek her help. I was looked after so well... read more
Anthony M Avatar
Anthony M
Lovely lady, helped me so much with my ears and made me feel very comfortable. Would 100% recommend Jane and her service 🙂
Lucies Wardrobe Avatar
Lucies Wardrobe
Brilliant service, and a lovely person.My mum and I were given Jane's contact info after mum attended SpecSavers for a hearing test and was informed that she'd managed to get... read more
Adam Wright Avatar
Adam Wright
Visited Jane a few months ago and meant to write a review sooner! I went to Jane with one completely blocked ear and had been having problems with blocked ears... read more
Nimbobz C Avatar
Nimbobz C
I visited the ear clinic today and and was so delighted with the calm, professional and informative service provided by Jane. Seeing the (magnified) inside of my ear on... read more
Marie Reeve Avatar
Marie Reeve
Really friendly and professional service. My ear was blocked badly with wax and was cleared in under 30 seconds painlessly with micro suction. 10/10 Hearing is better than ever now
Witness Avatar
What a pleasure to attend the clinic today & meet Jane. Fantastic service, very patient centred and extremely professional & friendly. I would thoroughly recommend a visit if... read more
Julie Emerson Avatar
Julie Emerson
Visited Jane on Friday for my periodic ear clean out. She is so gentle, careful, efficient and professional. And you know you’re in a safe pair of... read more
Estelle Judge Fowden Avatar
Estelle Judge Fowden
Wow. What a extremely professional person Jane. So friendly, explains and shows, what she is going to do. Puts you at ease with the whole issues you have. I would... read more
Ken Empson Avatar
Ken Empson
Brilliant service, excellent quality, very good value for money 😁Thanks Jane.
Christopher Payne Avatar
Christopher Payne
Had a appointment today absolutely brilliant and professional with a good sense of humour , recommend highly and thank you
Mark Lee Avatar
Mark Lee
I have hearing aids in both ears. Several months ago I was experiencing hearing loss in my right ear. I went to hearing aid clinic at the hospital who tested... read more
David Brown Avatar
David Brown
Thankyou JaneAbsolutely 💯 brilliant I smiled all the way home,,explained everything that was happening and was very calm and professional,,and a brilliant lady
John Amos Avatar
John Amos
Thank you Jane for restoring my husband Terry's hearing after so many years , i am already recommending you to a friend
Sarah White Avatar
Sarah White
Jane is definitely one of the kindest people I have met. She is extremely professional and not only did I find my visit informative but she goes a long way... read more
Wendy Dixon Avatar
Wendy Dixon
Jane comes to do checks at Bethany Homestead Care Village and identifies those who need a 'clear out" and we take them along. Oh my goodness it's been... read more
Jacqueline Hill Avatar
Jacqueline Hill
Over the moon to have my 86 year old Mum hearing again after being unable to, for unbelievably, years!! Have been going round in circles, from Hospital appointments to Specsavers/ear... read more
Sue Almond Avatar
Sue Almond
I have just returned from seeing Jane who i found to be very welcoming and professional. My hearing was so poor it was very difficult to get through on a... read more
Came upon Jane via Roade notice board recommendation for ear micro suction. Knew her previously as a wonderful professional nurse and my manager. Nothing much changed except now she’s also... read more
Fi Cox Avatar
Fi Cox
I was a testing case for Jane with decades of ear wax to cope with. She was absolutely superb and cleared all trace. Very professional and caring.If you have problems... read more
john m Wilkes Avatar
john m Wilkes
Thoroughly recommended! Jane was prompt at diagnosing and solving the issue I was having.Not only was Jane effective; she was also kind, easy to talk to, and transparent throughout the... read more
Jack Avatar
My Dad had been complaining of “deafness” Which on examination wasn’t actually selective male hearing he did infect have a build up of wax so I booked him with Jane.... read more
Gemma Dearsley Avatar
Gemma Dearsley
Cannot thank Jane enough for helping me today. After being told by doctors at my local surgery it was an infection, or rather, they thought it was an infection, it... read more
Sam Knight Avatar
Sam Knight
Not all angels have wings, they wear blue! Currently on a high following the removal of what can only be described as the annual candle usage of Westminster cathedral. Jane... read more
Daniel Humphrey Avatar
Daniel Humphrey
Went here to have my ears syringe. Excellent service and she was ever so reassuring. Would use this clinic again. Even my husband had his ear done to because he... read more
Julia Coggins Avatar
Julia Coggins
Many thanks for your help today. Very quick and efficient and helpful that you explained the procedure all the way. Very professional, would recommend to anyone.
Lesley Hunter Avatar
Lesley Hunter
Fully deserving of the 5 Star rating. Pleasant personality and was able to reassure anyone having any doubts about the simple process. Many thanks.
ron faulkner Avatar
ron faulkner
Jane is the nicest and most efficient nurse ever, she dealt wonderfully with my granddaughter, who is 7 and has always had ear problems. She's kind, friendly and just all... read more
Suze Warren-Quinn Avatar
Suze Warren-Quinn
What a star Jane is, explained everything so clearly and was very gentle. Completely solved my ear problem. Highly recommended. Thank you Jane. X
sharon mcgrath Avatar
sharon mcgrath
After struggling with my ears through lock down I could no longer put up with them so took to Google and found Jane. Wow what an amazing lovely friendly lady,... read more
Margaret O'Connor-Corby Avatar
Margaret O'Connor-Corby
*Miracle Worker-Want a fast treatment skip the GP and go straight to Jane*I would highly recommend that anyone suffering with congestion/ear blockages to book straight in with Jane. After struggling... read more
P Leaper Avatar
P Leaper
fantastic!! great service, fast, safe, friendly, and I can hear again ! thanks jane !
Gary Paine Avatar
Gary Paine
Absolutely fantastic! Cannot praise highly enough.
Pat Archer Avatar
Pat Archer
Awesome service - called and seen on the same day. Jane was very professional, reassuring, and fast! Hearing restored in 10 minutes. I have no hesitation in... read more
Deb J Avatar
Deb J
Went to Jane following blocked ear for a few weeks,so glad to have found her ,she was friendly extremely professional took the time to explain and show you what she... read more
Steve Mitchell Avatar
Steve Mitchell
Phoned on Tuesday. Seen on Thursday. Job done. Jane has a lovely manner about her and explained everything in simple terms. What a difference it has made to my hearing.... read more
Mark Newton Avatar
Mark Newton
Went with my mum and enjoyed the professional and personal service. Will recommend.
Howard Cramphorn Avatar
Howard Cramphorn
Well what can I say, I’ve never been to an ear clinic before and Jane made me feel totally at ease. Not only did I book very last minute and... read more
Annabelle Davis Avatar
Annabelle Davis
Fantastic service! Highly recommended.
darren mills Avatar
darren mills
I went to see Jane today. She is fantastic. She sorted my ears in no time. I can now hear perfectly.Thank you Jane
Christine Allum Avatar
Christine Allum
Thank you so much Jane. The difference in my hearing is amazing. Jane was so nice and made me feel relaxed. I would recommend Northampton Ear Clinic to anyone!
David Blake Avatar
David Blake
Really lovely lady, I have seen Jane before and she helped me with ear wax buildup. This morning I text Jane as I had a new issue relating to one... read more
Chloe Grace Cannon Avatar
Chloe Grace Cannon
Brilliant service and very kind and helpful. 🙂 definitely recommend
Macauley Smith Avatar
Macauley Smith
I don't often leave reviews but Jane was so friendly and welcoming I just had to let others know.A 6th star should be invented for this woman I couldn't fault... read more
Thomas Hillyard Avatar
Thomas Hillyard
Cannot recommend Jane highly enough, everything went smoothly and my hearing is now HD!
Muzahir Hameed Avatar
Muzahir Hameed
Jane is a gentle genius and has revolutionised my hearing. I could not recommend her highly enough. Her willingness to try to fit you in on any given day is... read more
Guy Pasley-Tyler Avatar
Guy Pasley-Tyler
Exceptional service, great price.Thank you so much Jane for your help.10/10 service.
Chilobe Mwanza Avatar
Chilobe Mwanza
I cannot thank Jane enough! This is was the easiest, calmest, most reassuring appointment I've ever been too. Having not ever had anything done to my ears before (which was... read more
Kelly Jones Avatar
Kelly Jones
Thank you Jane for your kind and very professional attitude today. Didn't know what to expect but was put at ease straight away on arrival.The procedure was completely painless and... read more
Harry Young Avatar
Harry Young
Great job really good help Thankyou so much
Jack Coleman Avatar
Jack Coleman
Been coming to Jane for a good few years now and she’s always so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Always come away feeling whatever’s she’s done for you, is really in... read more
M Ark Lockers Avatar
M Ark Lockers
Jane was recommended to me 4 years ago by a friend when I had a temporary tinnitus problem, she sorted it out and had no problems with it since. I... read more
Paul Jones Avatar
Paul Jones
Thankyou so much actually didn’t realise how bad my hearing was but again thankyou your amazing 🤩
Jamie Chapman Avatar
Jamie Chapman
As soon as Jane called me into her room I knew she was going to be good at her work! Jane immediately put me at ease, was very professional, explained... read more
Julie Goodwin Avatar
Julie Goodwin
I came to see Jane as I was having trouble with headaches and dizziness so was hoping my ears are block .she looked in my ears no wax ,not only... read more
Des Barker Avatar
Des Barker
After struggling to hear at all in the left ear I contacted Jane after her being able to help me a few months before . She was able to fit... read more
Lilah Parry Avatar
Lilah Parry
Jane fitted me into her clinic at the last minute when I had a problem with my ear & was concerned it was infected & my ear drum might be... read more
Sarah Edmonds Avatar
Sarah Edmonds
About 4 weeks ago I woke up one morning and realised I couldn’t hear anything, not even my own footsteps. My GP has stopped ear syringing due to... read more
Graham Ward Avatar
Graham Ward
What a relief! After 10 days of deaf husband, just 10 minutes of treatment, and sorted. No pain, no fuss. Such a good service, and the appointment was sorted... read more
Liz Carroll-Wheat Avatar
Liz Carroll-Wheat
Thank you Jane for you help and dedication for sorting out my ear infection.I usually dont write reviews, in fact this my first one on google but I thought Jane... read more
Chandni Mashru Avatar
Chandni Mashru
The first part of the review is on behalf of my husband, he has had an on going problem with his ears. He was a bricklayer for many years and... read more
Vanessa Gray Avatar
Vanessa Gray
Highly recommend Jane if having any issues with hearing like I’ve been getting quite often over the last few years. Brilliant, professional and great service too clearing up all the... read more
Mark J Smith Avatar
Mark J Smith
Can’t recommend Jane enough . I had a infection in both ears and very uncomfortable. I have seen Jane twice now and both times she’s treated me has been a... read more
Carly Pither Avatar
Carly Pither
Would definitely recommend Jane, , saw her today, very quick and professional..felt at ease as soon as I met Jane , Top job from a top lady.👍
Gerard Mckenna Avatar
Gerard Mckenna
Due to Covid I was finding it very difficult to get through to my Doctors to arrange an appointment with my ear problem which I thought may be an infection,... read more
Stuart Taylor Avatar
Stuart Taylor
Very easy to get an appointment. Jane has a lovely nature and explained the whole process beforehand. It was quick and painless, and fantastic to be able to hear clearly... read more
Louie Smith Avatar
Louie Smith
Fantastic, Jane was brilliant, suddenly on Thursday night I was unable to hear out of my right ear, I received a phone call back the very next day on Friday... read more
Stevie Cowee Avatar
Stevie Cowee
Jane did a fantastic job for my family and I across a number of appointments. We all went in with various stages of wax build up, from relatively clear to... read more
Steve Varrier Avatar
Steve Varrier
I had been suffering with a blocked ear for 10days GP wouldn't help. The chemist just kept suggesting different things but nothing worked. Jane was suggested to me... read more
Shelley Mynard Avatar
Shelley Mynard
I had been suffering with a blocked ear for 10days GP wouldn't help. The chemist just kept suggesting different things but nothing worked. Jane was suggested to me... read more
Shelley April Avatar
Shelley April
I definitely recommend Jane, she's very good & did a brilliant job 😊
Chris Langford Avatar
Chris Langford
Wow what can i say Jane your a star ⭐ Jane came highly recommended and certainly didn't disappoint 🥰 I can hear again 🙂 I rang Jane and explained... read more
Tracey Steeden Avatar
Tracey Steeden
A very late review but a huge thank you to Jane for seeing me so promptly. I work locally and had difficulty hearing which was very noticeable when talking on... read more
Natasha Green Avatar
Natasha Green
What a great experience.All explained and talked through procedure. Could my ears before and after on tv screen .Thank you jane
amanda smith Avatar
amanda smith
I visited the clinic yesterday after making an appointment for myself , my son accompanied me at the same time . He did not have an appointment , but upon... read more
Bill Flynn Avatar
Bill Flynn
Excellent service.Been here 3 times and Jane’s always been very helpful and considerate. Would definitely recommend.
Zac 16 Avatar
Zac 16
I can't recommend Jane highly enough. When I told her I was deaf in one ear she squeezed me in for an early appointment the next day. Jane made me... read more
Diane Denham Avatar
Diane Denham
I cannot fault my experience at the Northampton Ear Clinic !Jane is lovely and is brilliant at what she does, I was in and out in 15 minutes with perfect... read more
Geoffrey Crane Avatar
Geoffrey Crane
Very helpful, would highly recommend
Blacktrac Compact Tractors Avatar
Blacktrac Compact Tractors
I took my 90 yr old dad to see Jane, albeit we know he is losing his hearing due to his age. Jane talked us through everything she was doing... read more
Suzanne Beal Avatar
Suzanne Beal
My wife and i were recommended the Northampton Ear Clinic by family. We weren't entirely sure we needed anything done but the recommendation was so strong we decided to make... read more
Jeremy Barker Avatar
Jeremy Barker
I have found that my motivation for leaving Google reviews is normally down to bad experiences.However, for once, it gives me great pleasure to come on here due to a... read more
Ursa Major65 Avatar
Ursa Major65
I would highly recommend Jane at Northampton ear clinic. I received outstanding service and found Jane to be friendly and professional. Thanks so much, I am now pain free and... read more
Sophie Louise Avatar
Sophie Louise
Having slowly becoming deafer and deafer in my right ear the time came when I had to get something done!! Jane came highly recommended and so an appointment was booked!... read more
Matt Harrison Avatar
Matt Harrison
Brilliant result from ear suction best £49 I've spent for ages ,Jane very pleasant and easy to chat to .Highly recommended.
Glen Jones Avatar
Glen Jones
Excellent, solved my increasing deafness from impacted ear wax in both ears that I had for months and could not resolve.
Cat Hat Avatar
Cat Hat
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane at the Northampton Ear Clinic to anyone who is struggling with blocked ears. She put me at ease by explaining everything clearly before she... read more
Nicola Warren Avatar
Nicola Warren
Jane was marvellous as she used suction to remove my impacted earwax and it solved my hearing problem and stopped my inner ear itch. i cannot recommend her highly enough... read more
Lawrence Bush Avatar
Lawrence Bush
Jane has an amazing presence that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Her skills and knowledge are unbeatable not only with ears but with in nursing...Definatley recommend her for best... read more
Linda Akers Avatar
Linda Akers
Jane was amazing, professional with a good sense of humor whilst doing a great job, the difference is amazing I have brand new ears!!Thanks again Jane, James
Lois Ashby Avatar
Lois Ashby
Jane is fabulous, I cannot recommend highly enough. Very professional, efficient and makes you feel at ease. Definitely go and see her if you have issues with your ears.
Kate Joannides Avatar
Kate Joannides
Jane’s always friendly and welcoming. It was so quick I hardly knew anything was happening. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Jane
Damion moore Avatar
Damion moore
Jane is very professional and gentle, she is very good at what she does. Thank you so much Jane!
Sezgin S. Avatar
Sezgin S.
Jane is brilliant !!! Very friendly and professional. It was very relaxing and made the whole experience stress free😀 Thanks Jane, Jonathan & Sarah.
jonathan aran Avatar
jonathan aran
I was recommended to go and see Jane by someone who had been very successfully treated by her when other avenues had failed. She was fabulous from the get-go.... read more
Tracey FitzGerald Avatar
Tracey FitzGerald
Jane was caring, full of understanding and an expert in the service provided. Reassuring too, explaining things clearly. I am so pleased I went.
Simon Avatar
Just popped in with a 'funny' feeling ear and had a hair removed that must have got stuck in there when i had my hair cut last week. Removed... read more
Jo Pace Avatar
Jo Pace
Excellent work and managed to help me out and see me on short notice. My GP Wanted me to wait over a week and using oil they recommend only made... read more
Strategic Strawberry Avatar
Strategic Strawberry
Wonderful, professional service from Jane , with help, advice and reassurance. I cannot recommend or praise this practice highly enough.
alison Shaw Avatar
alison Shaw
Went to Jane with a blocked ear, every time I spoke or sang my ear vibrated. Jane put me at ease, checked both ears and even showed me what... read more
Paula Davies Avatar
Paula Davies
I had a foreign body stuck in my ear and Jane who was very friendly, reassuring and totally professional , managed to tease it out after about 10 minutes, much... read more
Shane Scrivener Avatar
Shane Scrivener
I would definitely recommend. Immediately, Jane put my son at ease, clearly explaining the process. He can now hear and he is a happy young man! We will definitely return😊😊😊
Naomi Horne Avatar
Naomi Horne
Took my 90 year old mum, unable to speak followong a stroke. Jane Lewis was absolutely marvellous. Highly recommended
Christine Kent Avatar
Christine Kent
Had a problem with hearing from right ear for two weeks as thought "water on the ear" would clear. Session with Jane showed me that I had a wax build... read more
Chris Chan Avatar
Chris Chan
Recently, my daughter was experiencing problems, once again, with her ears, Jane very easily sorted the issue and after weeks of partial hard of hearing she can hear again.... read more
It was the first time I visited Jane, and I can't recommend her enough. Very polite, very helpful and explained everything. Its a bit of a pain to park and... read more
David Hyde Avatar
David Hyde
Jane is a truly remarkable woman and if she can't fix your hearing difficulties she will explain clearly and calmly why. I went along to see her with the expectation... read more
Geoff Pearce Avatar
Geoff Pearce
I highly recommend the service provided by Jane at the Northampton Ear Clinic. Her warm personality and proffesional approach keep you totally at ease throughout the treatment. On completion you... read more
Tony Lathan Avatar
Tony Lathan
What a lovely and kind lady. My hearing is much better now. Thank you so much.
Helen Baldwin Avatar
Helen Baldwin
My uncle called the Clinic recently having had diminished hearing and spoke to Jane who was absolutely wonderful managing to fit me in that day. My problem was soon sorted... read more
Ian Civil Avatar
Ian Civil
Headed in for my annual check up (booked on the day!) and came away with superhero hearing. Can’t rate Jane high enough. Ever the professional and always one step ahead... read more
The Gentleman Racer Avatar
The Gentleman Racer
An enormous thanks to Jane for her help at an appointment last week. It's a joy to meet people that are so passionate and knowledgeable about their vocation, with... read more
Penelope Wallace Avatar
Penelope Wallace
If Jane can’t sort your problem then I don’t think anyone could. Jane sorted out an appointment for me on the very same day that I called up. I visited... read more
Alex B Avatar
Alex B
Had one really blocked ear. It's quick and painless and I regret not doing it sooner. It's better to check than not check. Jane is super nice. Would recommend to... read more
Chloe Avatar
Superb service. Thanks Jane. Have no hesitation in recommending anyone with ear problems. Don't suffer just book asap
Gavin Warren Avatar
Gavin Warren
First time the wife and I visited and only wish we had found Jane earlier!! Absolutely brilliant service from the moment we walked in. So friendly,explained the procedures really clearly... read more
Lance Sturges Avatar
Lance Sturges
Jane was quick, efficient and really friendly. On top of the amazing service she didn’t even charge me for her time, as it became apparent no micro suction was required.... read more
Jop Dingemans Avatar
Jop Dingemans
Fantastic service. Jane is knowledgeable, reassuring and explains everything she is doing. It’s amazing to see inside your ear on the screen and it’s great to be able... read more
Emma Green Avatar
Emma Green
I am so pleased that I went to see Jane about my ear problems, she is very professional and a really nice lady, I had full confidence in her as... read more
Martin Childs Avatar
Martin Childs
This lady is too good! I've suffered from waxy ears for a long time now. At least once a year I would go through the often long winded process of... read more
Nick Shelton Avatar
Nick Shelton
Cannot compliment enough, suffer with ear infections and complicated history. Jane makes you feel at ease and nothing is to much trouble.Would not go anywhere else 👍
Lee Lane Avatar
Lee Lane
Jane Lewis is professional, kind, gentle and friendly. If you have an ear problem she is the person to see. I cannot recommend her more highly. It is a privilege... read more
Kate Ross Avatar
Kate Ross
Absolutely fantastic service, Jane was super friendly and helpful. High tech equipment and obviously knows her stuff. Would definitely recommend to anyone suffering with their ears!
Hannah Rapley Avatar
Hannah Rapley
Excellent work and managed to help me out and see me on short notice. My GP Wanted me to wait over a week and using oil they recommend only made... read more
G N Avatar
Outstanding! 3 month waiting list for NHS, called Jane saw me next day, lovely kind lady very knowledgeable great treatment, can't thank her enough!
Phillip Bailey Avatar
Phillip Bailey
What a find! Jane was simply marvellous - a lovely personality, explained everything, very quick and painless procedure on both ears and now both are clear - such a... read more
Denise Wrenn Avatar
Denise Wrenn
I only very occasionally write reviews but felt the need having met Jane today. Lovely lady that was knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend to anyway looking for this service.
Matt Harwood Avatar
Matt Harwood
I went to see Jane last week. Jane has been my 'ear-nurse' for many years and she is wonderful. She always puts you at ease with her friendliness and professionalism.... read more
Donna Criswell-Sanderson Avatar
Donna Criswell-Sanderson
Jane, more like Jesus she could turn wax into wine, I was a little nervous before going in but the process was completely painless I could hear nothing out of... read more
Will Lewis Avatar
Will Lewis
What an amazing experience!!! Jane was absolutely brilliant and so good at what she does. If I went in there a bit nervous as it is with any doctors appointment,... read more
Laura Rublite Avatar
Laura Rublite
Jane is a miracle!!! I was extremely scared of losing my rest of hearing (I am almost deaf) as my GP did not helped me and Jane helped me in... read more
Tereza Z Avatar
Tereza Z
Such a nice welcoming the moment we entered the room relaxed open conversation our experience was excellent and very thorough diagnosis as we had already been to two surgerys and... read more
hasan inal Avatar
hasan inal
Discovered Northampton Ear Clinic and the wonderful Jane in February 2019. She has done more for me in two visits than any doctor has done in 40 years! She has... read more
Mark Lineham Avatar
Mark Lineham
So my son and I met Jane today, and as per every review here, she is totally great. My son has had problems with ear wax for months but after... read more
Jason Ledger Avatar
Jason Ledger
First class service. Jane cleared both my ears from a heavy wax build up.I travelled from Milton Keynes to attend, and was totally impressed.
R H Avatar
Ive been to see Jane twice now, the second time she did not charge me as after inspecting my ears she said there was nothing that needed doing. She is... read more
Sam Richards Avatar
Sam Richards
I felt my ears were bunged up and thought microsuction would help. I saw all the great reviews about Jane and her services so decided it was well worth the... read more
Pielight Avatar
Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service . Would be happy to recommend you . Very efficient professional and friendly service .Thanks again.
a&l darcy Avatar
a&l darcy
I can’t thank Jane enough .... patient, gentle, kind and professional. She explained exactly what she was going to do and ensured I had understood and then even when... read more
JO Cox Avatar
JO Cox
Such a massive help .had problems with my ear for over a week, gp couldn't do anything but Jane was so helpful. Could not recommend her more, knew exactly what... read more
Haydn May Avatar
Haydn May
I visited the clinic today and could'nt be more impressed, the information and advise i was given has really helped andi i would highly reccomend to anyone, thank you very... read more
Pete Lowe Avatar
Pete Lowe
After weeks of hearing loss and bottles of olive oil and getting nowhere, we phoned Jane. What a breath of fresh air, she saw me the same day and put... read more
Amanda Payne Avatar
Amanda Payne
Wow my hearing is now so clear even typing this seems loud... Jane is fantastic, very attentive, professional and caring. She talks you through everything she is doing. I arrived... read more
Sam Clark Avatar
Sam Clark
A professional and effective service performed by Jane. After suffering for years, both myself and my wife had had enough of being fobbed off by GPs and decided to book... read more
stephen west Avatar
stephen west
Having suffered with both ears all my life - grommets, infections, perforations leaving me with badly scarred eardrums I feel blessed that I have managed to find Jane who runs... read more
valerie newman Avatar
valerie newman
Excellent professional service. Warm welcome by Jane immediately putting my daughter at ease. A successful microsuction treatment despite my daughter’s tricky narrow ear canals enabling her to hear clearly again.... read more
Alison Green Avatar
Alison Green
A first class service at a reasonable cost, I couldn’t recommend them more highly
Marcus Manning Avatar
Marcus Manning
Brilliant! Fast, lovely and feeling so much better! Thank you so much Jane!!
Joseph Ayoub Avatar
Joseph Ayoub
I have just had my ears micro-suctioned by Jane! She’s absolutely amazing at what she does! She’s so friendly! I was made to feel really at ease! I’m so happy... read more
Sophie French Avatar
Sophie French
I had been suffering blockage of both ears over the past few years, until I got in contact with Jane @ Northampton Ear Clinic! She is highly skilled, very professional,... read more
Daniel McCarthy Avatar
Daniel McCarthy
First time I’ve been to Jane she’s absolutely lovely and very good at what she does!My doctor was having trouble getting some wax off my ear drum Jane removed it... read more
Victor Burgen Avatar
Victor Burgen
My first visit to Jane and as visits to specialists go this was top notch. She understood my issues and explained the treatment process in a clear and concise, but... read more
Steve Wilson Avatar
Steve Wilson
After years of problematic blocked ears and the usual drowning in olive oil for several days before my surgery would syringe, I desperately began to search online for a resolution.... read more
Mike Harris Avatar
Mike Harris
I first met Jane last October, a wonderful Lady. I have been suffering with my ears for years going to the doctor's getting medication and getting nowhere and costing... read more
Denise Holmes Avatar
Denise Holmes
I can’t thank Jane enough for the help and patience that she showed me the last couple of days and I now have my hearing back. I would throughly recommend... read more
Jan Wimpress Avatar
Jan Wimpress
Jane is enthusiastic and efficient, friendly and explains everything as she goes along - I’m almost looking forward to going next time! would recommend to anyone
Sam Clarke Avatar
Sam Clarke
First time experience today. First class service, high tech equipment. Jane is a total professional. I have been dragging myself around for 8weeks with ear pain and finally this wonder... read more
Amy Dominique Avatar
Amy Dominique
Jane's a Miracle WorkerIt’s not a pun or even overstated. I arrived with no hearing in my left ear, to find I was only hearing via the vibration on the... read more
Mark Hughes Avatar
Mark Hughes
Couldn't recommend the service enough; the whole interaction was an entirely positive experience. Jane was very personable, and completely professional throughout. The process was explained clearly at the outset, then... read more
Nick M Avatar
Nick M
Jane's a Miracle Worker It’s not a pun or even overstated. I arrived with no hearing in my left ear, to find I was only hearing via the vibration on... read more
Mark Hughes Avatar
Mark Hughes
I contacted the website on a Thursday and Jane contacted me the same day and I was seen at 8am the next day! I am extremely happy with the service... read more
jade stapleton Avatar
jade stapleton
Tucked away down Adelaide Street, Leicester Terrace Health Centre is a job to find at first but well worth the effort. Booking online is a cinch. I went in with... read more
Lawrence Howes Avatar
Lawrence Howes
Many thanks Jane, the problem found and rectified in minutes. Brilliant service from a lady that cares. Highly recommended!
Stuart Robertson Avatar
Stuart Robertson
Wow! Fantastic I can hear again... Thank you Jane, as you know, I was very nervous about this procedure prior to meeting you. However, you were very patient &... read more
mike stratton Avatar
mike stratton
Very helpful, great service and good advice, would definitely recommend and use again in the future. A big thank you Jane.
Rose Walsh Avatar
Rose Walsh
I would just like to say a massive Thank You too Jane for the micro suction. Also for her friendly and professional service she provides. Highly recommend her if you... read more
Abu Bokkar Avatar
Abu Bokkar
My husband and I visited Jane today to have our ears checked, as we both had wax in both ears she recommended we have microsuction to remove it. It was... read more
susan fuins Avatar
susan fuins
Had both of my ears done today fantastic.definitely recommend it. much better than normal syringing. Thankyou Jane
Joanne Barker Avatar
Joanne Barker
So, I am someone who is very time limited! - and very rarely have the time or inclination to write a review, however this deserves one. I called Jane as... read more
Tom Howard Avatar
Tom Howard
Absolutely wonderful care and service, really can't thank you enough Jane.
Mark Turner Avatar
Mark Turner
Been to jane to day very friendly and helpful highly recommended done a good gob many thanks jane from michael
mick roan Avatar
mick roan
Jane put me out of my misery with painful ear problems and I am so grateful to her! She is so lovely and explained everything as she went, I cannot... read more
Lizzie Sheard Avatar
Lizzie Sheard
Visited ear clinic today. Excellent treatment and very friendly. Jane made me feel completely at ease and my hearing is so much better. Thank you so much.
Carol Harvey Avatar
Carol Harvey
Visited the ear clinic today. Jane explained the procedure to me, she was very friendly and reassuring. Both of my ears were blocked with wax, especially the left one. I... read more
Christine Pearce Avatar
Christine Pearce
Jane was very accommodating and approachable. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable whilst I was having treatment, informing me on everything that she was going to do. Also... read more
Sherry Isaac Avatar
Sherry Isaac
absolutely brilliant, no more words to describe the northampton ear clinic
keith moreman Avatar
keith moreman
Easy to book an online appointment. Received friendly and thoroughly professional treatment. Would strongly recommend to anyone suffering from an ear wax problem. Great tonhear clearly once more.
Conrad Astill Avatar
Conrad Astill
Had my ears cleaned today by the lovely Jane, it's so amazing to hear clearly again!. I'd recommend this service to everyone
Kayleigh Devlin Avatar
Kayleigh Devlin
Visited Jane at her clinic she is such a lovely lady and very professional putting my mind at ease and explained everything to me .I would recommend her clinic and... read more
Angela Stanion Avatar
Angela Stanion
Had my ears done after years of problems with hearing and infections ! Thanks Jane. Martin
Northampton Builder Avatar
Northampton Builder
Very friendly, professional and helpful. Would fully recommend.
Danielle Carlton Avatar
Danielle Carlton
I've had my ears syringed many times over the years, but never felt that it had been completely cleared of wax. I also felt that 'regular use' of olive oil... read more
john hewitson Avatar
john hewitson
Had my ears done after years of problems with hearing and infections ! Thanks Jane.Martin
Northampton Builders Ltd Avatar
Northampton Builders Ltd
Friendly , professional very understanding & reassuring. A big thankyou to Jane.
Mark Tobitt Tobitt Avatar
Mark Tobitt Tobitt
I have been seeing Jane for treatment to both ears for a number of years now. She has a wonderfully welcoming manner and explains everything she is going to do... read more
Gooses Avatar